November 10, 2019 - So, I've been trying to fill Loren Clark's very large loafers as a very green Match Maker. This weekend (November 9 and 10) we had two matches -- Saturday at Foothill in Auburn and Sunday at Grass Valley bowling against Gold Country Match Club. I learned valuable lessons about last minute changes, and met some great people that helped me stumble through the process. Please do not hesitate to make suggestions or let me know what I don't know. I'm sure there were missteps but we got through it. We won 2, lost 2 at Foothill, so we held our own. Let's just say we had fun with Gold Country. I hope everyone is looking at the schedule and will sign up well in advance of the upcoming matches. Marti Johnson


Posted May-07-18 at 7:20 PM By Racine
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